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LightRocks: A Modeling Language for Robotics Assembly Processes

Arvid Butting, Bernhard Rumpe, Christoph Schulze, Ulrike Thomas, and Andreas Wortmann

LightRocks is a domain specific language for modeling of robotic assembly processes. The language offers three different levels of abstraction: On the lowest level platform-specific robot skills are developed by robot experts. On a more abstract level these skills are combined by factory floor workers or technicians to define robot tasks. Finally, these tasks are composed to assembly processes. The language is designed to allow as much flexibility as necessary on the lowest level of abstraction and is kept as simple as possible with the more abstract layers. The language is based on semantics of UML/P statecharts. and developed with the language workbench MontiCore. To this end we are able to generate code while hiding platform-specific implementation details. In addition the development in LightRocks is supported by a graphical editor implemented as an Eclipse plugin.

Fig.1: Partial model of a LightRocks processes to plug an object on a top-hat rail.

Figure 1 shows an excerpt of a task to plug an object on a top-hat rail. The process comprises three tasks comprising different skills.

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