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MontiArc can be used as an Eclipse (Version 3.4.*, 3.5.*, 3.6.*, 3.7.*) plugin or on the console with an installed Java 1.6 JDK. Both platforms are supported by all versions and provide the same functionality.
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Eclipse Update Site Releases and nightly builds -

The following versions are available:
Nightly Build MontiArc 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT 30.07.2017
MontiArc 2.5.0 27.06.2015
MontiArc 2.4.0 14.03.2014
MontiArc 2.3.1 15.07.2013
MontiArc 2.3.0 11.07.2013
MontiArc 2.2.0 21.05.2013
MontiArc 2.1.0 05.12.2012
MontiArc 2.0.0 29.10.2012
MontiArc (OSTP generator bugfix) 24.02.2012
MontiArc 1.1.7 13.09.2011

The following steps guide the first use of MontiArc.

Eclipse (since MontiArc 2.0.0)

  1. Download the latest version of MontiArc (>= 2.0.0).
  2. Unzip to plugin/dropins folder of your Eclipse installation (restart Eclipse afterwards with the -clean argument)
  3. To use the maven based MontiArc build install m2e, e.g. via update site (In Eclipse: Help ...> Install New Software ...> add the url to the Work with: field and follow the wizard)
  4. Use the project wizard: New ...> Project ...> MontiArc to create a MontiArc project.
  5. The contained readme.txt file contains a plug-in server and corresponding authentication that is to be added to the ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml. If the settings.xml does not exist yet, the complete content is given in the readme.txt as well.
  6. Create MontiArc components in folder src/main/model using the new component wizard (new ...> other ...> MontiArc ...)
  7. Autocompletion support in the MontiArc editor is available (activated by Ctrl + Space).
  8. If Build Automatically is enabled, the generator is automatically started, when a file is saved.
  9. Else the project can be build by a right-click on the project ...> Run As ...> Maven install.
  10. If you face any problems visit the FAQ page. To give suggestions for improvements or report bugs use the included feedback plugin (Eclipse ...> Feedback ...> Send extended feedback). If you want to trace the process of your reported tickets, please enter your E-Mail adress in the corresponding fields of the feedback wizard.

Eclipse (until MontiArc 1.1.7)

  1. Download the latest version of MontiArc.
  2. Unzip to plugin folder of your Eclipse installation (restart Eclipse afterwards with the -clean argument)
  3. Register to get your personal OSTP-account to use MontiArc.
  4. Use the project wizard: New>Project ...>MontiArc to create a MontiArc project.
  5. To generate simulation code for MontiArc components right-click on a component file or a component in the editor (*.arc) and select "generate MontiArc", or right-click on a MontiArc project and select "Generate Project (MontiArc)". Alternatively Apache Ant can be used (Available within Eclipse as a view). Generate the files with ant generate and clean the project with ant clean. (Note: The console of Eclipse doesn't support the typing of name and password to access your ostp account. Create a file name ".passwd" (without quotes) with the first line being the login name, the second line being the password. Place this file in the project root and the ant scripts automatically connect to the server. Call ant clean, before you use other targets.)
  6. The resulting files are automatically compiled with the Eclipse Java-compiler.