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MontiCore - Textual Editors

Textual modelling is a lot more efficient to handle and manipulate than pictorial models. Textual models have many advantages, as they for instance, allow the use of version control and diffs. Therefore, MontiCore supports the use of text editors for UML notations as well as for DSLs in form of Eclipse plug-ins. Language-specific editors can easily be derived from a definition of only a few things such as: keywords for highlighting, foldable elements, icons, etc.

Installation Guide to the Eclipse Text Editors for Monticore Languages

Monticore features a family of Eclipse plugins that assist editing models built with Monticore. This family is collectively called the Language Editor Plugin. The Language Editor Plugin is available at: To use this update site make sure that you have at least Eclipse Mars (Mars refers to version 4.5) installed. You can then enter the update site under Help->Install new Software.

You need to at least specify "Language Editor Core". All other components of the plugin are optional and independent of each other. A restart of Eclipse is required. Once installed the plugin will automatically add specialized file editors to the languages for which a sub-plugin was installed. For instance the CD Editor is configured to add functionality to files ending with ".cd". The projects in which the Language Editor is intended to be usable require no further configuration, except that they need to be Java projects.